Fleet Introduced By Twitter: Features And How To Use Fleet

Twitter on Tuesday introduced its new feature – called Fleets. Twitter’s Fleets are just like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat’s story feature & WhatsApp’s status feature. Fleets disappear in 24 hours after posting it on Twitter. Twitter is the latest entrant and certainly the last major player in the “story” market.

The nature of 24 hours disappearances posts business is highly scattered. Since established players have already entered into this market for a long time, Twitter will have to come up with new features to continue its existence of Fleet feature. As of now, the new Fleet feature is in the testing phase and it is available only in India, Brazil, and Italy.

Features of Twitter’s New Feature Fleet

  • Thoughts and messages disappear in 24 hours
  • Hashtags can also be added to the Fleet. One can see the tweets if clicked on the hashtags which are in Fleet
  • No likes, retweets, and replies to the Fleet which makes it great for staying away from nuisance and abuses
  • Dots in the side of Fleet denotes the number of Fleet by a particular account
  • Mute and report option available in Fleet
  • One can see the people who viewed their Fleet
  • No character limit in Fleet
  • One can also add photos, videos, and GIFs as of now in Fleet
  • As of 9th June 2020 available only in India, Italy and Brazil
  • Great background and font
  • If the user wishes to Tweet his Fleet it can be easily done with one click
  • Any @username can be mentioned in the Fleet
  • During typos, great way to Fleet it instead of tweeting about it

How To Use Fleets

Fleets are simple and easy to use. Since there is no character limit, one can easily post a Fleet on Twitter. You can type anything you wish to type, add any hashtag which is trending, add any username you wish to mention and just write it down. After pressing on “Fleet” your followers will able to see your latest post.

If your Fleet is so good that you wish to Tweet the same, you can simply press “3 dots” or “more options” by going to that Fleet. It will give an option to tweet the same, if you wish to make any altercations before tweeting that Fleet you can do it as well.

The hashtags added in Fleet can be viewed by simply just pressing on it. Whether Twitter counts Fleet’s hashtag in the number of tweets from that hashtag is not known. Fleet can be of a great opportunity for Twitter to increase the user time on their platform. If Twitter attains success of Fleets they can further implement it in other countries. It will only be known after the testing phase how good are Fleets and its experience from the users.

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