Hotstar Not Working: Is Hotstar App and Website Crashed?

Hotstar released Dil Bechara on its platform on 24th July across the world. Millions of people accessed the Hotstar website, app, and mobile browser at the same time. It is estimated that around 15+ million watched the movie on the first day of its release. Many big companies and OTT platforms have faced this issue of servers crashing earlier as well. It seems Hotstar was well aware of this fact and necessary arrangements were already in place.

Hotstar App and Website not working: Is Hotstar server down?

After checking from relevant sources, we have confirmed and came to the conclusion that Hotstar is not down. Neither website nor the app. During IPL and India’s cricket matches, Hotstar usually crosses 10 million mark at the same time. So it was no different for Hotstar on the day of Dil Bechara release. We checked by inserting a link in the website named As we write this article, Hotstar’s server was not crashed in the past 7 days and certainly won’t crash in the near future.

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What to do if an app doesn’t work or website crashes?

We usually come across cases where website doesn’t work or the app doesn’t respond. Make sure you have an active internet connection at that time. To check, send a simple message on WhatsApp or search for anything on Google. If the internet is properly connected and still app and website don’t respond, you can clear the cache memory and try again. If it still doesn’t work, you can simply uninstall the app and install it again to check whether it is working or not. If the issue still pertains, you can wait for a while until the app or website restarts again.

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