How Time Google Play Movies and YouTube Movies Work? Completion time in Google Play Movies

Google Play Movies or YouTube movies allows you to rent or buy the movies after paying an amount. The amount which is to be paid differs from country to country. Renting a movie on Google Play often leads to confusion as to what is the time frame within which we can complete the movie.

Here’s the explanation on how Google Play and YouTube Movies work.

Renting in Google Play Movies and YouTube movies

Renting is often considered as a cheap option for the buyers as compared to purchasing. Renting a movie from YouTube movies often comes with a time frame – a period within which a movie should be completed. The time frame differs from movie to movie. But over here we will talk about the most common time frame, which is 30 days and finish within 48 hours.

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A simple explanation to the rental period of Google Play and YouTube Movies

When you rent a movie on Google Play, you must complete a movie within 30 days from the day you rented. The movie can be completed at any time within these 30 days. After starting the movie, even after watching just for a second, you will have 48 hours to complete the movie. In these 48 hours, you can watch the movie ‘N’ number of times. After 48 hours, your rental period will expire. It doesn’t matter even you have say 25 days remaining for the rental period to get complete. Once the 48 hours period gets over, 30-days period automatically gets expired.

In short,

The movie can be completed within 30 days.
After starting the movie, you have 48 hours to complete the movie, failing to which your rental agreement will expire.

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