How To Check WhatsApp Photo/Video Statuses Without Letting The Contact Know?

WhatsApp is the number 1 instant messaging app in the entire world. WhatsApp is a go-to destination for all the people who wish to share pictures, videos, have long night chats, video calls, etc.

Just like Snapchat, WhatsApp rolled out its status feature on 24th February 2017 coinciding with WhatsApp’s 8th birthday. One can upload photo/video status in their profiles. Photo/Video status remains visible only for 24 hours. It disappears thereafter. Users have an option to view the contacts who saw their photo/video status.

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People uploading photo/video statuses have an option to not show some of their contacts if the users wish to avoid some contacts. But not many people know that they can actually watch statuses without letting the user know.

Here is a single step explanation on how to view video/photo statuses secretly without letting the uploader know:

Change the settings:

Go to settings. Settings > Account > Privacy. You will have to hide the “Last seen” option.

Change it to “Nobody.”

Select “Nobody”

Below you will see the “Read receipts” option.

Hide “Read receipts”

If it is enabled you will have to disable it.

This is the only step to be followed. Photo/Video status uploader will never get to know whether you saw it or not.

Now watch WhatApp photo/video status without any hesitation.

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