How To Copy YouTube Comments From YouTube Without Any 3rd Party App

YouTube is one of the most popular app with over a billion active users using the platform on a daily basis. YouTube can be accessed through 3 places which are:

  • Laptop/PC;
  • Mobile browser;
  • YouTube app

In the past few years, with an increased usage of smartphones, YouTube is used more in the app than PC/laptop or mobile web browser. YouTube comments section can sometimes become really interesting place to increase user engagement. YouTube app comes with certain limitations. YouTube app doesn’t allow the users to copy a text from the comment section or from the video description.

Many users would like to copy the comments but they are not able to do so because of inbuilt app restrictions on YouTube. Here we will show you how to copy YouTube comments without any 3rd party apps.

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Copy YouTube comments without any 3rd party apps

1. Select comment you wish to copy

When you look at the comments section in YouTube app, finalize the comment you wish to copy.

Highlighted users we wish to copy.

In this example let’s assume to copy the comment from the user named “The King of Antarctica” as highlighted.

2. Select the share option on the YouTube app

After finalizing the comment you wish to copy, select the share option on the YouTube app as highlighted in the picture.

Select share option.

3. Select “Copy link” option

After selecting the share option, tap on the “Copy link” option. Highlighted the “Copy link” option in the picture.

Select “Copy link”

4. Paste link in any web browser

The copied link needs to be pasted in the URL address of any web browser. It doesn’t matter in the browser whether you are logged in or not in the YouTube account.

5. Long press on the comment you wish to copy

Now that you have redirected to the video, go to the comments section.

Highlighted comment of “The King of Antarctica” in web browser.

The comments in the web browser will appear in the same order as they appear in the YouTube app. The sequence of one or two comments will be changed but nothing more than that.

Long press on YouTube comment.

Now that you know which comment needs to be copied, long press on that particular comment. The selected text you wish will be copied.

The above method is the best and simplest method without involvement of any 3rd party app. Using YouTube from PC/Laptop allows directly to copy comments without any restriction. However, copying from a comment from Youtube app is restricted.

The same method is to be applied for copying the video description if any link is given or an important text you wish to remember. This method works in both iOS and Android phones.

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