How To Download TikTok Videos Without Watermark?

TikTok has changed the course across the world on how videos are created. It is the major reason why TikTok is the fastest-growing apps across the world. Thanks to Covid-19 the app has seen an exponential rise in its content creation and downloads of the video. TikTok has 15 seconds to 1-minute videos that make it easy to watch and spend your time. It has some creative videos, cringeworthy content but nonetheless TikTokers never make users bored and they keep on adding new and creative content.

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TikTok’s rise is also due to its user-friendly nature of use. One can easily download and share videos. What makes creates bad user experience is the watermark written in the video that comes in between. Watermark is written in 2 words as one “TikTok” and second in the form of the user name.

Downloading TikTok videos on mobile is very easy

One has to select the video, click on the share button and there will be a save option. But the problem here is it shows TikTok watermark.

Here are the following steps to download TikTok videos without the watermark:

Step 1:

Select the video and click the share option. Select “Copy link” option.

Step 2:

Go to and paste the copied link in the blank area.

Paste the link in blank section.

Now your video will how an option of – Download video with watermark, without watermark, and download mp3.

This is how TikTok videos are downloaded without its watermark in simple 2 steps. This makes sharing of content fast ans easy.

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