How to find Chinese app on my phone: Find Chinese apps on your phone

Many Chinese apps carry data threat and security problems. Possibly it is the reason why the Government of India banned the use of 59 Chinese apps. The popular names include TikTok, ShareIT, UC Browser, etc. Indian Army and the stand-off against China in Galwan valley also triggered the ban on Chinese apps.

So the question lies, how to identify an app regarding its country origin? How to identify if an app on our phone is a Chinese or not? You just have to follow a simple method to identify whether the app is really a Chinese or not.

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Find Chinese app in your phone

You just need to follow a single step to find out if any app is a Chinese.

Step 1: Search “App name” <space> “country origin” in Google

All you have to do is enter “app name” and country origin in Google. Herein, the “app name” means the actual name of the app. Let’s take an example of Instagram. If you really want to know the origin of Instagram, search “Instagram country origin” in Google.

By following the simple method, you can easily gather information about the app. Let’s take more examples to see whether the following apps are of Chinese origin or not.

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Mi Pay

As seen from the picture, Mi Pay is developed by Xiaomi which in itself is a Chinese company. So indirectly, Mi Pay is a Chinese app.

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As seen from the snippet, Alibaba is an app having its origin in China.

As seen from the above examples, it is really easy to find out the country origin of any app. Before uninstalling any Chinese app, make sure that you follow the above steps. Sometimes, even a wrong forward message may lure you to uninstall the app claiming it as a Chinese app.

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