How To Know If A Person Has Read WhatsApp Messages With Read Receipts And Last Seen Turned Off?

WhatsApp has become an important source of conversation over the years replacing SMS. With SMS you never knew whether the person has opened our message or not. Even if the message is sent, he/she has read that or not.

In the initial years of WhatsApp, it was not possible for users to remove the “Last Seen” option. Even though blue ticks were introduced recently, earlier every message was by default read if the timing of “Last Seen” shows after the message sent. When “Blue Tick” was introduced, it gave an option to users to hide it or to show it.

Many people hide their “Last Seen” along with “Read receipts”. It makes it very difficult for the sender to know if the receiver has really opened up the message as there is no sense of surety. When “Last Seen” is also hidden along with “read receipts” it makes even more difficult with the only option left is to wait (in case you do not wish to call).

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Here We Will Show You How To Confirm Message Is Received With Receiver’s “Read receipts” and “Last Seen” Turned Off

Example 1: With Voice Message

If a person (Receiver) continually ignores the message and we are uncertain about the message – that he has actually not read or the person is purposely doing so, just send the person a voice message. With the opening of a Voice message, the sender will receive a “Blue Tick”. This blue tick will show even if the receiver’s “read receipts” is off. Thus one can 100% be sure that the receiver has read our messages.

Voice message showing blue tick whereas other messages are showing grey tick.

Example 2: Without Voice Message

In this example, we will show you how to make sure the receiver is secretly reading our message but not replying. The case will be similar to example 1. The only difference is sender will not send a Voice Message to the receiver but send any kind of message to the group which sender and receiver are part of. If the receiver opens any such message in the group, the sender will know by selecting the message sent and looking at the “Message Info”. If the receiver has read the message it will show a blue tick even if receivers “read receipts” are kept off.

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