How To Record In Google Meet Call? Where Are Google Meet Recordings Stored?

Google Meet is a video communication app developed by Google. The importance of Google Meet was increased especially after the outbreak of COVID-19. Any person with his/her Gmail account can use Google Meet for free.

Google Meet recordings can be used for future references. For teachers when they wish to share the video lessons in the future. For clients or colleagues, Google Meet helps to share files, screens so that everyone is on the same page. Sharing of files with the people on Google Meet happens with just one click.

Google said that after February, the daily number of users was increased by 25 times. Due to Google’s universal usage, it was able to expand at this huge user base.

All these reasons has paved the way for Google Meet as one of the best video conferencing apps.

Here are some features of Google Meet

  • Unlimited number of video meetings
  • Up to 250 participants
  • Works on Android, iOS, web
  • Option of recording the video meetings
  • Real-time captions.
  • Real-time chat option
  • Screen sharing

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Here Is The Step-by-step Explanation On How To Record In Google Meet

Step 1

For recording, one has to first join the video call or video conferencing. A user can either host a meeting or can join a meeting using the link.

Step 2

After start of video conferencing one has to click “3 dots” or “more options”.

It will then show an option to record the meeting. Click on record meeting and start your recording. It is also advisable to take the prior approval of the host before the start of the recording.

Step 3

The user has an option to stop the recording whenever he may like. To stop the recording the user has to click the same “more options” tab in Google Meet. Now instead of “record meeting” the user will be shown a “stop recording” option.

Where Are Recorded Google Meet Videos Stored?

Once the recording is done, the files are stored in Google Drive. If the Google Meet file is not stored it may take some time to process the file.

The Google Meet files are stored in Google Drive with a new folder named “Meet Recordings”.

After opening the “Meet Recordings” file in Google drive, the following options are available:

One can create a link to share the folder. A folder shared via link has two options – to view only or to edit the files in the folder. A user can directly share or add participants. The person who has recorded the video also has an option to download the video recorded.

It should also be noted that the recording option is only available when using Google Meet via PC/laptop. The option of video recording is not available in-app.

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