Indian App To Remove Chinese Apps: How “Remove China Apps” Works

After a nationwide agitation on the removal of “Chinese Apps” and adopt “Atma Nirbharta”, a couple of engineers from Jaipur have come up with an exciting app. #BoycottChineseApps started trending on Twitter along with many other hashtags. This move comes a day after a famous Indian engineer from Ladakh, Sonam Wangchuk appealed to the citizens of India to boycott Made In China products.

About “Remove China Apps”

“Remove China Apps” was released on 17th May, 2020 in an attempt to make it easy for people to remove Chinese apps in one go. It has been made by Jaipur based engineers in a startup named OneTouch AppLabs. Within 2 weeks of releasing, the app has received over 1 million+ downloads from the play store. The rating for the app is 4.8/5.

With a mere 3.8MB in size, the app can remove over GBs of Chinese junk. App doesn’t even require permissions which makes it safe and secure to use the aforesaid app.

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How “Remove China Apps” Works?

Upon installing the said app, the app will ask you to “Scan Now” which will scan all the Chinese apps installed in your phone.

It will then show a list of Chinese apps installed on your phone which can be easily removed in just one click.

The said app has received good response from the users across India.

Will “Remove China Apps” Show All The Chinese Apps?

It should also be noted that the apps scanned and shown to you from the “Remove China Apps” will only have the list of apps that YOU have installed.

It doesn’t include the apps which are pre-installed in your phone. For example, in the case of Mi phone, the “Remove China Apps” fails to include the apps such as Mi Pay, Mi Video, etc that already exist at the time of purchase of your phone.

Makers of “Remove China App” have mentioned that they may include pre-installed apps in their version of the next release.

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Is “Remove China Apps” Available on iOS?

“Remove China Apps” is not available for iOS. As of now, the said app is released and availability is only for Android users.

In Which Country “Remove China Apps” Works?

The said app is not only for Indian users but also for the users outside India. A person residing in US/UK/Canada, etc has an option to install the app and remove Chinese software.

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