What is VoWiFi? How VoWiFi Calling Works? How To Use VoWiFi?

VoWiFi calling or Voice over WiFi or Voice over WLAN is a technology introduced which is a step ahead or an extension of VoLTE (Voice over Long-Term Evolution).

At present only two networks in India provide the service of VoWiFi – Airtel and Reliance Jio. Airtel announced its plan to roll out VoWiFi calling in December 2019. The following month, Reliance Jio introduced VoWiFi, and by 16th January, Jio achieved pan-India status.

It is also expected that the introduction of VoWiFi will further enhance the customer experience in calls.

Pre-requisites of VoWiFi Calling

There are 4 pre-requisites if you wish to call over VoWiFi

  1. Your network provider should have a service for VoWiFi
  2. You must have an active plan with Airtel/Jio to make this service work
  3. Your smartphone should be compatible with making calls via VoWiFi
  4. You should have a strong WiFi network (broadband or hotspot)

No network provider takes extra charge for VoWiFi. It comes up with your active plan.

How VoWiFi Calling Works?

As the name itself suggests that VoWiFi works over a WiFi connection. When having a normal call over VoLTE, the signal from the phone would have a connection with the nearest tower. The conversation with someone would highly depend on the network status from that tower.

It should also be seen that while making a call via VoWiFi one should have at least 10% network status in his/her mobile phone. We often encounter low network coverage in our mobile phone especially in packed offices, warehouses, basements, etc. At these places, we usually come across voice breaks in between calls due to low network coverage. These areas are also well equipped with a strong WiFi connection.

What VoWiFi does is instead of phone calls going through the tower, the connection from calls is routed through a WiFi connection. Now your seamless conversation would depend on how strong your WiFi is, instead of how your network coverage is, provided you have a minimum network in your phone.

It is also said that VoWiFi provides more enhanced calling experience, more than VoLTE.

How To Use VoWiFi?

Make sure your mobile phone has the feature of making calls using WiFi. Make sure you keep it on. To make sure WiFi calling is switched on go to:

For Android Users

  1. Go to settings
  2. Select SIM cards & mobile networks
  3. Select network option (Jio/Airtel)
  4. Select “Make calls using WiFi” by turning it on

For iOS Users

  1. Go to settings
  2. Select phone
  3. Turn “WiFi Calling on This iPhone” on

This is it. You need not perform any additional settings. No 3rd party apps nothing.

After doing all this, make sure you are connected to a WiFi network. WiFi connection can be through broadband or any hotspot will do. All you have to do is dial any number from your phone. Your phone will automatically select the best option to call i.e. via VoWiFi or through normal mobile network. If you have a low network signal, your call will automatically be routed through VoWiFi. You will then experience crystal sound even in low network coverage without disturbances.

Now suppose while walking you forget that your call was connected via VoWiFi and WiFi is out of range or let’s say someone turned off WiFi. Your smartphone will then pick up VoLTE as an option of calling instead of VoWiFi and use your mobile network without any interruption. All this will happen automatically without making any changes. This process of switching over from VoWiFi to VoLTE is so smooth that no one will realize the change.

It is also advisable to always turn on VoLTE along with VoWiFi.

In many smartphones, they are given the option of choosing the best option to call i.e. via mobile network or WiFi. It is advisable to select the strongest option.

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