Is Gmail Down Right Now? Why Gmail is Not Working?

Yes, for over an hour, Google’s top service Gmail is facing a problem. Ever thought what is the issue with Gmail? Why Gmail is not working today? Is Gmail’s server down? Why there is a Gmail outage? So is Gmail Really down right now?

After many queries posted on the Internet, we did inquire about the current status of Gmail’s uptime. Several users took Twitter to ask their problems regarding the downtime of Gmail. No official statement has been given by Google or Gmail regarding their downtime right now.

Here’s looking at whether Gmail is really down right now?

Is Gmail Down Right Now? Gmail Working or Not?

We checked from the various channels that check whether the website is working or not. First, we checked from Here we got to know that Gmail is actually down for over an hour.

After checking from the above-mentioned website, we checked in Here we got to know the accurate result. Here the result was shown the website is up.

After checking from, we went on opening the actual Gmail website. It was finally up. The email service was working fine. So the final conclusion is that the Gmail website and the emails have started working after being down for over an hour.

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