MCA Website Not Working Today: Unable to Open MCA Site? Here’s the Solution

Due to the severe load on the website and many users being active on at the same time, the MCA website happens to crash many times. The load on website multiplies especially in the last week of filing and uploading necessary documents.

Why MCA Website Crashes?

Say for example you have a capacity of 25 people at your home. What would happen if 50 people gather at the same time? Either the excess people will have to wait outside or all the 50 people would adjust somehow. In the same way, MCA’s website server has a specific limit. If the limit is crossed, you may face error. In error, you will completely be not able to visit the website. Even if you enter the website despite the number of users crossing the server limit, it will slow down the speed in spite of the high-speed internet.

Now, what you should do in the event of the MCA website getting crashed? What if you are unable to open the site? Here are the possible solutions you can do to access the MCA website.

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Solution to the Not Opening of MCA Website

There are 3 steps you can check when you are not able to access the MCA website.

Step 1: Check whether your Internet is working or not

It might happen that you are trying to connect to the MCA website but you are not connected to the Internet. Make sure you have an active high-speed internet for accessing the MCA website.

Step 2: Check the MCA website’s status

When you try to connect to the MCA site, the server sometimes is not able to process your request for accessing the website. At this stage when you encounter an error, do visit or and check the current status of the website. This will make sure if it is just your request that the server is unable to process or the entire website itself is down.

Here, we checked the current status of the MCA website, and the result shows is well and up along with the process request speed from various locations. In this problem, the website runs well and good for others, only your IP address encounters a problem in connecting with MCA’s server.

Step 3: Contact directly to the MCA

Even after reading the about 2 solutions, you are unable to view the MCA website, you can contact the concerned people. The following are the contact details of the Web Information Manager of MCA21:

Contact: 0120-4832500 / 011-23384660
Email ID:

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About Ministry of Corporate Affairs

Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) is the apex body that looks after the administration of The Companies Act, LLP Act, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, and other corporate sector related rules and regulations. MCA also supervises ICAI (chartered accounts), ICSI (company secretaries), and ICAI (cost accountants) Act.

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