Mitron App: How To Use Mitron App? Who Owns Mitron?

Mitron is India’s homegrown video creating an app that competes with its Chinese counterpart TikTok. Mitron app is India’s answer to Chinese TikTok.

There are a lot of short video making apps. Some of them include Helo, Sharechat, Like, Vigo, and the biggest of them all – TikTok. The reason behind the making of this app is that short video-making apps in India have got a lot of success in the recent past. Mitron is no different.

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About Mitron App And How To Use

Mitron app provides the user to make short videos from 3 seconds to 60 seconds. Lip-sync, effects, etc. Mitron has it all. One has to login to make the videos. Interface of Mitron is seamless. Looks of the user’s profile, swiping up and down videos, home, and profile button is the same as TikTok.

Although many features are still to be added. Recently the Mitron app was downloaded more than 5 million+ times on the play store. As of now Mitron app is available only for the Android version. iOS version is yet to be released. One can access the Mitron app only from the app as there is no website for the same.

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Popularity Of Mitron App

It was only in the month of April that the Mitron app was released on the play store. Nationwide lockdown gave Mitron app a much-needed push. Also, countrywide demand for ban on TikTok, negative ratings on play store, collective hatred, memes, and viral forwards against TikTok, the love for swadeshi products gave free advertising to Mitron. Similarity in PM Narendra Modi’s address to the crowd and citizens as “Mitroonnnn” could also be the factor behind app’s tremendous success.

Mitron User Interface

Mitron comes at the time when India learns Atma-Nirbharta and Make In India which indirectly triggers the wave for Indian products.

TikTok’s factor in itself is such a big one that Mitron has amassed more than 5 million downloads in such a short span of time. Ratings for Mitron on play store, as we write this article is 4.7/5 which is considered really high.

Who owns Mitron?

Mitron is owned by IIT-Roorkee student named Shivank Agrawal. The growth is so immense for the app that it adds more than half a million downloads per day. It has been listed as #2 social app in Indian charts only behind rival TikTok.

Not much has been known about the owner but one thing is for sure that Mitron is definitely going to disrupt the video making market.

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