NEOWISE Comet visibility in Delhi, India on 17th July 2020 today

C/2020 F3 comet or popularly known as Neowise comet will be visible on the earth from 14th July to the 3rd of August. The reason why this comet is called Neowise because it was first discovered using the NEOWISE space telescope on the 27th of March.

In the name C/2020 F3 – C stands for a comet, 2020 the year in which it was discovered, and 3 because it is the 3rd comet of the year 2020 after Turtle and Swan. Turtle and Swan comets were not visible with the naked eye. Here we look at when the comet will be visible in Delhi on 17th July.

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Watch Neowise Comet Live in Delhi, India today on 17th July

Neowise comet becomes visible after the sunset. Experts say that the Neowise comet is visible for a total of 20 minutes after the sunset. The time for which is not clearly mentioned. 20 minutes can be at any point after the sunset until the sunrise. Even if the shine of comet remains, it can be seen throughout the night until the sunrise. On 17th July 2020 in Delhi, the sunset will happen at 07:21 PM. Sunrise will happen at 05:35 AM the next day.

After sunset for 20 minutes and every day continuously for 20 days, the comet will be visible with the naked eye. Space experts also said that the clear picture of the comet can be seen only after 45-60 minutes of sunset. The NEOWISE will be visible in the northwest sky which is 20 degrees from the horizon.

NEOWISE is an acronym for “Near Earth Object Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer”. So NEOWISE is an infrared space telescope orbiting the earth in lower earth orbit. It constantly scans the sky for asteroids and comets that come close to the earth. Here we further look at the questions that will enlighten you with your knowledge base on NEOWISE comet.

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What is a Comet in simple words?

A comet is a ball of mostly ice that moves around in outer space. Comets are often described as “dirty snowballs”. In simple words, a comet is a ball of ice and dirt hurtling through space. It shines only because it reflects light.

How to watch NEOWISE comet?

Neowise comet can be seen with the naked eye. However, if you wish to see a clear picture of the comet, you can also use binoculars or a telescope will do that will enhance the visibility of the comet. The best place to see the comet is to go in the open area or at the top of tall buildings.

If you wish to see the comet early in the morning before sunrise, look at the low northeast horizon. If you want to look in the evenings after sunset, look at the low northwest horizon.

For how long will NEOWISE comet be visible?

NEOWISE comet will start appearing from 14th July and last till 3rd August for 20 days.

Where NEOWISE comet shall appear?

NEOWISE comet shall appear and can be seen from anywhere across the globe.

When will the next NEOWISE comet appear?

It is hard to digest the fact that when next NEOWISE comet appears, all the present living creatures alive on earth will no longer exist. The next Neowise comet will appear after 6800 years. NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory telescope’s deputy principal investigator Joe Masiero said, “I wouldn’t suggest waiting for the next pass”.

How close will NEOWISE comet be?

Neowise comet will be closest to earth on 22nd July when the distance will be at 103 million kilometers from earth. The comet will be more closer to the earth than it was to the Sun. Also, this comet doesn’t possess any threat to the living forms on earth.

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