Why “Remove Chinese Apps” Got Removed From Play Store? Alternative To “Remove Chinese Apps”

About “Remove Chinese Apps”

A day after the removal of a controversial “Mitron” app, Play Store has gone a step ahead, removed much talked about, the infamous “Remove Chinese Apps.” “Remove Chinese Apps” was developed by a couple of engineers based in Jaipur working in the startup named OneTouch AppLabs and was released on the play store on 17th May.

“Remove Chinese Apps” received widespread acclaim for its work, straightforward user interface, and zero permissions. Within days of release, the app received over 5 million+ downloads with a high rating of 4.9/5. It was trending on the charts of Google play store.

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Why Google Removed “Remove Chinese Apps”?

The said app has violated Google’s Deceptive Behaviour rules. According to Google’s rule, one cannot make an app that encourages the removal of 3rd party applications.

According to Google, the policy doesn’t allow if the apps, “encourage or incentivize users into removing or disabling third-party apps” and “mislead users into removing or disabling third-party apps.”

Widespread Appraisal From Indians

Indians in general have given severe backlash to the Chinese products for the longest time. Especially apps like TikTok has received the most hate and negative reviews. However, Indians wanted an initiative, a platform that can help them in one click. “Remove Chinese Apps” was made likewise.

The release of the app was just after PM Modi’s speech of Atma-Nirbharta, Chinese intrusion, criticism of Chinese app TikTok, and at the time of Sonam Wangchuk’s viral video. All these things heavily favored the timing of the app and it received much-needed publicity..

Alternative To “Remove Chinese Apps”

The app being removed, alternative for it is easily available and one can remove the Chinese apps if one wishes to. With one simple search, he/she can identify the origin of the app.

Here’s How You Can Remove “Chinese Apps” Without Any App:

Let’s say you want to remove Chinese app from your phone say Twitter. But you are not sure what the origin of the app is. What you have to do is type app name which is Twitter in our case and then type origin country. Search these 3 words “Twitter origin country” on Google.

Result showing US as Twitter’s origin country.

Now we will try another example. Let’s say WeChat. We type “WeChat origin country” in Google search bar.

Result showing China as wechat’s origin country.

So even if there are no apps to detect from which country they belong, we can anytime use this simple trick.

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