TikTok Replacement: Great Apps For Replacement Of TikTok App

Days after an appeal from Sonam Wangchuk, Indian engineer and pioneer of new inventions, to the citizens of India to replace all the Chinese products by boycotting them, Indians have not taken it lightly. Sonam’s appeal to India was #SoftwareInAWeekHardwareInAYear. Aim to remove Softwares in a week and hardware in a year.

The main motive behind this appeal was to instill a sense of pride and nationalism in the minds of people of India and making the use of homegrown apps. It also comes due to the reason that India has now and then involved in border disputes with neighboring China.

It is estimated that 40% of the users of TikTok are Indians.

Why Replace Chinese Apps?

It is said that Chinese apps often carry a threat with them. A threat cannot be taken for granted when China openly admits to wage a cyberwar. Indian government has released multiple statements on Chinese apps that are a potential threat to the nation’s national security and public interest.

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Replacement For Chinese App TikTok: Non-Chinese Apps


Formerly known as LIKE, the app is a Singapore-based video creating and sharing app which is available for iOS and Android. LIKEE comes up with features such as augmented reality, visual effects, stickers, and 4D magic.


Berlin-based app, Dubsmash widely considered as the first lip-sync video making app. The app gained its prominence in the world in 2015. It was the first one of its kind. Now it includes lip sync of quotes, sound, music, dialogues, etc from movies.


An American based app has over a variety of features including over 20 effects to edit your videos. It carries features such as lip-syncing and slow-motion videos as well.


ShareChat is an Indian based social networking app with over 60 million monthly active users. It has video sharing and instant messaging features as well.


Another Indian app on this list. Along with features of filters, beautify and music, VMate also holds contests that give instant rewards.


The biggest among all of the social apps, Instagram is the probable father of all the apps listed here. Instagram allows you to upload videos, photos, stories, long videos up to 10 mins, live sessions, video call, voice all, beauty filters, direct messaging, etc.


American based video sharing app one can showcase his talent by uploading videos on Vimeo.


Way before TikTok and other apps came out it was VINE where people used to upload a short 15 seconds funny self made videos.

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