Retrieve Deleted WhatsApp Messages: How To Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages?

Here in this article, we will show you how to retrieve WhatsApp messages when they are deleted in personal chats or in the group by a sender.

We often encounter the “deleted messages” by our friends, family members, colleagues, or even by partners. WhatsApp introduced the feature of “deleted messages” to make sure if the message has been sent by mistake, you can quickly delete the same without anyone noticing the content. As of now, you cannot view the message that was sent, and subsequently “deleted message for everyone” by the sender, within the WhatsApp. You have to download and install a 3rd party app from the play store to view “deleted message”.

The people have found out a solution to retrieve the “deleted messages”. By retrieving deleted messages, now you can have full unlimited access and you can view any messages which are deleted.

For reading or retrieving deleted messages all you have to do is install a 3rd party app named “Notisave”. You will encounter various apps named “Notisave” but you have to install the app with the following logo.

Notisave app official logo.

Here we have explained steps from start to end on how to retrieve deleted messages.

Steps On How You Can Retrieve Deleted WhatsApp Messages

Step 1: Download Notisave App

You will have to download the app named “Notisave ” in your phone from the play store.

Step 2: Grant Permission To Notisave

Upon installing the “Notisave” app you will be asked for “Allow access to notifications” as shown in the picture below.

Tap the allow to access notification bar.

Upon tapping on the allow option, you will be headed to “Notification access” in settings where you have to tap the notification on for the “Notisave” app as shown in the picture below.

Step 3: Disallow “Block Notifications”

After following the above 2 steps you will be headed to “Block notifications” bar.

Block notification bar as it appears with “All apps” on the top.

The system will automatically select all the apps to block notifications. All you have to do is select the “All apps” option written beneath the status bar.

Select “all apps” option.

Now select “All apps” again so that every app gets dis-selected.

Tap on “all apps” to dis-select all the apps from giving notifications.

All these processes will lead to the start of “Notisave” app on your phone. Now we will see live examples of how messages get stored in the “Notisave” app even if the sender has selected “deleted message for everyone” option.

How To View “Deleted Messages” In WhatsApp With Live Example

WhatsApp message deleted. How to view?

The sender will send you a message personally or in a group. Say for example the sender sends you a “Hi” and selects the message to “delete for everyone”. This is how the chat will look from the sender’s point of view.

Now that you have installed “Notisave” you can view from the app what the sender actually sent before deleting his message. In the following picture, you will see the message from your point of view in “Notisave” app.

As seen in the pictures above from your point of view in the “Notisave” app, you will encounter if the message is deleted by the sender, “This message was deleted” will appear. Whenever it appears it means that the message was deleted by the sender.

Multiple WhatsApp messages deleted. How to view deleted messages?

Now we see some more examples when the sender sends you multiple messages and selects the message to “delete for everyone”. From the sender’s point of view.

All of the messages have been deleted without showing you the text. That is what the sender thinks. Now that we have the “Notisave” app we can see all the messages sent by the sender. The following message received is shown from the receiver’s or your point of view in the “Notisave” app.

This is how you can view the “deleted messages” even if the the message is deleted.

It should also be seen that the above examples work only in the present and future WhatsApp messages. You won’t be able to see past WhatsApp “deleted messages”.

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