Send A WhatsApp Message Without Updating “Last Seen At”

WhatsApp has many unique & hidden features. WhatsApp’s hidden features surpasses that of inbuilt features. One of them includes sending a message without updating your last seen. There might be a lot of hacks but nothing can really beat this one. This trick will work only if you have not hidden your last seen on WhatsApp.

When WhatsApp sends you a notification and you reply from that notification bar, your last seen will get updated. But there is a completely different trick which I am going to show you where you can send a message to ANY person without updating the last seen in your account on WhatsApp.

Send WhatsApp Message Without Updating Last Seen

There are no steps in this. You just have to open your Google assistant. Let’s say you have to send a message to Mommy and her contact name is saved in your phone as “Mom”. All you have to say to the Google assistant is “Send WhatsApp message to Mom.” The option to send a message will automatically appear and you can type in your message.

Send WhatsApp message without updating the last seen.

Thus, last seen will not be updated with this kind of trick. Also, if you do not wish to speak to the Google assistant you can still type instead of speaking it. Just speak out the name saved in your phone or type in the name, you will directly see the option to send a WhatsApp message.

It is possible that someone might just say to hide the “last seen” instead of using this feature. But the point here is what if someone wishes to show “last seen” to his/her contacts. This is for the people who want to be transparent and yet ignorant about the message. This trick of sending a message without updating the “last seen” works on all the devices.

Also using this trick won’t stop the messages coming on WhatsApp from the people or groups. As you require the Internet to send the WhatsApp message to a particular person, you will also receive a WhatsApp message in the same way. The only difference here is that sender will only see a double tick and last seen won’t be updated unless and until you open the WhatsApp.

So, in short, we conclude that with the Internet you will receive the message and you will send the message. Using Google assistant = “Last seen” doesn’t update. Using WhatsApp = Last seen gets updated.

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