SpaceX Launch Time Today, Live Streaming, About The Mission

President Donald Trump will watch astronauts depart from American soil from Central Florida. This is a big moment for Americans as it is the first time in nearly a decade that the country is sending astronauts Orbit. The last time an astronaut sent to orbit from the United States was way back in 2011.

Time Of Launch

After launching, SpaceX will become first ever private company to launch humans into Orbit. NASA and SpaceX mission will take off on 27th May, 4.33PM Eastern Time. The launch date for other important cites would be when the SpaceX rocket takes off:

London: 27th May, 9.33PM

Mumbai: 28th May, 2.03AM

Tokyo: 28th May, 5.33AM

Los Angeles:27th May, 1.33PM

It should also be seen that the weather plays an important part during the launch. If the weather turns out to be friendly, the launch will be on time. Only launch area’s weather is not taken into consideration. The weather of areas in and around the launch site also matters.

About Mission

In simple words, the mission is Demo-2. The mission is going to showcase NASA’s and SpaceX’s capability to launch humans from United States into space and to bring them back safely. For this mission 2 astronauts will go into the orbit.

NASA made sure that 2 of its astronauts go into quarantine days before the spacecraft launches.

SpaceX designs the world’s most advanced rocket and spacecraft. The United States launches its astronauts from Russia’s Soyuz capsule, in Kazakhstan. The United States has to pay $80 million to Russia per seat to ferry its astronauts to the International Space Station.

What SpaceX and NASA have done here is to grow homegrown spacecraft that can ferry its astronauts and bring them back from US-made spacecraft. To make this mission successful, NASA hired two of the main companies – SpaceX and Boeing. The reason was to eliminate over-reliance on outside countries, such as Russia.

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Live Streaming

Here are the following channels where one can live stream. Live stream will start hours before launch. The launch is going to take place at 4.33PM Eastern Time.

Live Stream For Launch

SpaceX’s YouTube channel:

NASA’s YouTube channel:

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