Surya Grahan Mumbai Date And Time; Solar Eclipse In Mumbai

At least 50 countries are going to get covered by partial Solar eclipse across Europe, Africa, big parts of Asia, the Indian Ocean, and Australia.

Here is the map describing where a partial Solar eclipse will be visible.

A partial Solar eclipse will be visible in many parts of India, particularly in the parts of North India where the coverage of the Sun by the Moon will be highest. Speaking of Mumbai, many parts will see more than 60% Sun coverage by the Moon.

Visibility, Timing of Solar Eclipse in Mumbai

Start Time of Partial Solar Eclipse in Mumbai

Partial Solar eclipse will begin on 21st June sharp at 10:00 AM in Mumbai. From 10:00 AM, the Moon will start touching the Sun’s edge.

Maximum Eclipse or Highest Coverage by Moon in Mumbai

The maximum eclipse or the time at which Moon covers the highest portion of Sun will occur at 11.37 AM in Mumbai. Thereafter, the Moon will slowly start leaving the edges of the Sun. It is at this time when the Moon will cover 62.09% part of the Sun. Mumbai will see, at maximum, 62.09% of the part of Sun covered by the Moon.

End Time of Partial Solar Eclipse in Mumbai

Moon will finally leave the edges of the Sun completely at 01:27 PM in Mumbai. Partial solar eclipse will last for 3 hours and 27 minutes in Mumbai.

Mumbai’s Weather on partial Solar Eclipse Day

On 21st June i.e. on partial Solar eclipse day, the weather forecast of Mumbai city is expected as warm and sunny. This year, the people of Mumbai would see the partial Solar eclipse clearly with protective gear. The weather plays an important part in determining the visibility of the eclipse. On 21st June in Mumbai, 90% of the time the weather was cloudy, if the data is taken into account for the past 20 years.

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Where to watch Mumbai June 2020 Solar Eclipse live?

One can watch the live stream of partial Solar eclipse at To watch the live animated version of the Solar eclipse of Mumbai city, one can visit here

The live stream for the animated version of Mumbai city will start at 09.55 AM IST. The live animated view will show a real-time version of how Moon will cover the Sun when seen from Mumbai.

What Happens on Partial Solar Eclipse?

In a partial Solar eclipse, the Moon comes in between the Sun and the Earth. It causes a partial blockage of the view of Sun. Hence it is known as partial Solar eclipse. Unlike a proper Solar eclipse, in partial Solar eclipse the Earth, Moon, and the Sun do not align in a perfectly straight line. In the year 2020, on June 21st, a partial Solar eclipse will occur in many parts of the world.

In India, Dehradun will witness the highest blockage by Moon on the Sun at 98.96% coverage. Whereas in the Nicobar Islands the coverage will be lowest at 15%.

What is Solar eclipse?

Solar Eclipse or popularly known as Surya Grahan is an occurrence that happens when the moon completely covers the Sun’s disk completely. Solar eclipse occurs when Sun, Moon, and the earth are perfectly aligned in a straight line such that the moon completely blocks Sun’s view from Earth for a couple of minutes.

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