Top 5 Fact-Checking Websites In India

News whether right or wrong spreads like a wildfire. It is super easy to pass on the information without doing a proper research and fact check. Wrong information passed on social media platforms may instantly lead to an outrage and riots.

Fake news can even defame one person or a group of individuals. There are some dedicated websites that continuously debunk the false information. Many websites have also established a dedicated team just to look after false information and provide authentic information within minutes.

The websites added in this list are purely based on user review, reliability, fact check history, traffic to the site, and independent of any government intervention.

Top Fact Check Sites In India


About AltNews

If there is a best standalone fact check news based website in India, it has to be AltNews. AltNews, founded in the year 2017 has been in the news for quite a while for debunking multiple false information. AltNews is a part of multiple WhatsApp groups that help them in tracking misinformation.

AltNews is certified by the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN). In just a short span of time, AltNews has rose to prominence as the most trusted fact check source. As of June 2020, AltNews has over 250,000 followers on Twitter.

AltNews Traffic and Website Rank

AltNews regularly crosses monthly traffic over 3 million. The website is ranked in the top 2000 websites in India. Around 66% of the traffic in AltNews comes from India. Approximately 18% of the web traffic comes from Us, UK, Canada, and UAE.

AltNews Source of Income

AltNews’ primary source of income is through donations. AltNews, so far has not monetized its website. Meaning the website has no ads displayed in their content. AltNews received donations through multiple sources and many individuals also have supported the website.


About OpIndia

Founded in the year 2014 by Rahul Raj and Kumar Kunal Kamal, at present famous Twitter personality Rahul Roshan serves as the CEO and Nupur Sharma serves as the chief editor at OpIndia. In 2016, OpIndia was acquired by T.V. Mohandas Pai who also owns a popular magazine Swarajya. Since its acquisition, OpIndia is a part of Kovai Media Private Limited.

OpIndia has a dedicated section of fact check. OpIndia not only brings out wrong information to the public but also exposes leading journalists and TV news channels after conducting an independent search. Many fact checks, opinions, and news shared by OpIndia, are described by users as completely authentic and easy to read and understand. OpIndia has many times brought the voice of common man when it seemed to have buried.

OpIndia Traffic and Website Rank

OpIndia’s monthly traffic regularly crosses over 5 million. OpIndia is among the top 1000 most visited websites across India. A big share of traffic comes from India which comes at around 77%. US/UK/Canada accounts for a 15% share in traffic.

OpIndia’s Source Of Income

Just like AltNews, OpIndia works on donations from the users. Also OpIndia is a part of the big magazine group which is Swarajya. OpIndia has not displayed ads on their website.


About Republic Media

Popular media channel RepublicTV has a dedicated team for fact-checking. Republic’s fact-checking includes coronavirus news, technology news, viral pictures and videos spreading falsified information. Republic media has fact-checked misinformation over dozens of times. Due to Republic media’s widespread presence, many news when it was about to become viral the journalists debunked it from the very beginning.

Republic’s Traffic and Website Rank

Republic is regularly visited by over 20 million people monthly. India’s ranking of Republic TV comes in the top 300.

Republic’s Source of Income

Unlike AltNews and OpIndia, the primary source of income is through the ads displayed. Republic also has a Hindi and English language news channels which bring a big part of income.

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India Today

About India Today

India Today has come up with a dedicated information on fact-checked which was launched recently. India Today has Anti Fake News War Room that constantly monitors the wrong information. India today on a daily basis debunks over several misinformation both nationally and internationally. India Today even goes a step further by reporting the spread of wrong information from the leading websites such as Punjab Kesari, leading Facebook pages, etc.

India Today Traffic and Website Rank

India Today comes frequently under the top 100 visited websites in India. The source of traffic is mainly from India accounting for 73% of the overall traffic. With small amounts of traffic coming from US/UK an Canada. India Today sees a monthly traffic of 80 million+ users.

India Today’s Source of Income

Just like RepublicTV India Today has a news channel as well. India Today has even monetized its website as it has ads running all over its articles.


About BoomLive

BoomLive is an International Fact-Checking Network certified website. Dedicated only for fact-checking in India and around the world, Boom debunks dozens of falsifying information on a daily basis. boom;s fact checks range includes political, social, communal, health, medicine, products, services, and even history. BoomLive also overlooks after overseas operations and has local teams set up in Myanmar and Bangladesh.

BoomLive is the fastest-growing fact-checking news website. Along with updating daily on its site, BoomLive also live updates on Facebook and YouTube.

BoomLive Traffic and Website Rank

BoomLive comes in the top 5000 websites in India. BoomLive frequently sees website traffic up to 500,000 sometimes reaching as high as a million. Since the international presence of BoomLive, India’s share in traffic is less than 50%. US and UK account for 26% and 5% in traffic share. With small proportions from Canada and Germany as well.

BoomLive Source of Income

BoomLive displays ads on their websites. Along with the ads, BoomLive also accepts donations from the users.

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