Twitter’s New Feature Fleet: Drawbacks & Reactions From Twitterati

At the time where fake news is at its peak, Twitter has launched a new feature that disappears within 24 hours, called as Fleet. The new feature “Fleet” comes up at the times of widespread protests in America, worldwide spread of Coronavirus, cyclones, etc where fake news is at its peak & spreads like a wildfire, faster than the highly contagious Coronavirus.

Introduced only in 3 countries, the future of Fleet will highly depend from India, Italy and Brazil. The introduction of Twitter’s new feature Fleet could have easily come up in addition with the following features.

Drawbacks of Twitter’s New Feature Fleet

  • Since Twitter allows us to copy the Tweet, Fleet fails to do so. It fails to come up with the option to copy the Fleet post
  • Unlike other apps, Twitter’s Fleet comes up with only one font and single background image
  • One can use the Fleet feature only on the Twitter app. Fleet doesn’t show up in a web browser i.e. not in mobile or in PC/laptop
  • Fleet doesn’t allow the user to filter the accounts to whom the post can be displayed
  • Fleet doesn’t allow directly to send the Fleet via DM. One has to take a screenshot.

The introduction of Fleet feature also came with the heavy criticism from Twitter users. The users were particularly unhappy with the feature citing that Twitter could have easily come up with other features such as editing the Tweet in case of typos (further adding “edited” to the particular tweet), increasing the character limit from 280, ban on the accounts of spreading fake news and hatred, also those who give rape and death threats.

Reaction From Twitter Users On Fleet

A Twitter user shared a screenshot of the number of people who viewed his Fleet which was zero. The user went on saying how lonely he was.

Whatever the people say, Twitter could have easily come up with the new features instead of adding an old feature that exists on other platforms for a long time. At the time of pandemic and lockdown, any new feature could have been a sleeper hit instead of adding old ones which comes up with more criticism than that of appreciation.

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