VoWiFi Calling Common FAQs; Questions Surrounding VoWiFi And Common Myths

At present only two mobile networks provide features of Voice over WiFi or VoWiFi calling in India – Airtel and Jio.

Since the launch of VoWiFi in India, there have been several questions regarding the working of VoWiFi its connectivity, features, etc. It has often been touted that VoWiFi calling is going to change the way we talk.

The reasons behind the introduction of VoWiFi calling are frequent call drops, low coverage of networks, and using resources of the existing WiFi (broadband and hotspot both included) network. Also, you must have an active WiFi connection all the time during VoWiFi calling.

It should also be seen that where mobile network decreases the importance of VoWiFi calling increases. One must always be updated with the new features especially of VoWiFi calling as it can be of immense help anywhere, anytime.

In this segment of article we are going to clear the most common doubts regarding VoWiFi calling.

VoWiFi Calling’s Common Questions

Is VoWiFi Calling Different From Normal / VoLTE Calling?

The answer is NO. VoWiFi calling and normal calling are one and the same. Instead of using network signals from the mobile tower, the smartphone uses a broadband connection as a medium of calling.

Does VoWiFi Calling Work Without A Sim Card? Does VioWiFi Calling Work With Zero Network Or In Airplane Mode?

VoWiFi calling works with active broadband or hotspot. It also requires a SIM card to function. Having at least a minimum mobile network connection is MUST. Unlike WhatsApp voice/video calling where you can call with zero network coverage or in airplane mode using WiFi, VoWiFi calling requires a network. Even the slightest network will do.

What Functions We Can Do With VoWiFi?

Apart from calling, you can even send an SMS text message and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) as of now.

Does VoWiFi Calling Registration, Login, Or Any 3rd Party App?

Having a sim card of a network provider that offers VoWiFi calling itself completes the registration process. In short, there is no need for registration or login anywhere. Not even 3rd party apps installation on the phone.

Does VoWiFi Calling Require Extra Recharge Or A New Number?

Your network provider’s active calling plan is the only requirement. If you have a service of outgoing calls on your phone you are ready to use the feature. Your existing number will continue for calls so there is no need for a new number.

Does VoWiFi Calling Work Only From Reliance Jio And Airtel’s Broadband Connection?

Any broadband connection will do for VoWiFi calling. You just require an Internet via WiFi for VoWiFi calling. The Internet can come from ANYWHERE. As long as the smartphone is receiving a strong WiFi connection one can talk over VoWiFi. It doesn’t make any difference if WiFi internet comes from MTNL, BSNL, Tata, Jio, Airtel, Rail Wire, etc. It may even work on a WiFi received from the hotspot of any other network provider.

Is There Any Specific Network Requirement For The Person To Whom We Are Calling?

As said, VoWiFi calling is just like any other call. It hardly makes any difference if the person receiving the call uses VoWiFi or not, his smartphone supports or not. The feature of VoWiFI calling is important only for the person who makes the call, not for the one who receives it. VoWiFi calling works if we call up to any network or landline.

VoWiFi Calling Balance Deduction In SIM Card

As said, you must have an active plan on your SIM card. Balance deduction in VoWiFI calling works just like any other VoLTE/Normal call in India. Active calling plans come up with 3 options:

  • Unlimited calling without any threshold limit
  • Calling free up to certain minutes
  • Amount gets deducted from the balance based on the number of minutes/seconds talked

In VoWiFi calling there is no restriction on the minutes talked in the first option. However, the minutes or balances will be deducted in the second or third option when a call is made via VoWiFi. The feature of VoWiFi is free, the calls will be charged according to your plan.

Can I Make ISD Calls From VoWiFi? Are They Free?

ISD or international calls can definitely be made from VoWiFi but you will be charged according to the rates of your network provider. You must check with your network provider before making any international calls.

What If You Lose WiFi Internet Connection In Between VoWiFi Call?

As said, an active WiFI connection is a must. It might happen that you lose WiFi connection when you are not in the WiFi range or someone might just switch off hotspot or WiFi button. Your smartphone will automatically switch over to the VoLTE network. The transition will be smooth and seamless without affecting the call between concerned people.

It is also advisable to switch the VoLTE function on all the time in mobile phone whether using it or not.

Why Make VoWiFi Calls When You Can Easily Use Online Calling Options?

When already using WiFi for VoWiFi, why choose a normal calling over video calls or normal calls on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, etc using WiFi connection? The answer is pretty simple. It is all about timings. The above-mentioned apps have calling options without a mobile network coverage and some of them even have a function to call without SIM connection just over WiFi.

But these apps can never replicate the old way of talking over phones when you can hear the opposite person speaking in real-time without a delay of millisecond. Although apps may allow you to make video/voice calls without a SIM card but many of them fail to give real-time listening experience to the users.

VoWiFi Calls In Roaming

VoWiFi calls functions across India. Change of location will not affect a user to lose the feature of VoWiFi calling, as long as the user receives a minimum network in his mobile and he/she has a WiFi connection. Calls can be made anywhere in India from any part of India.

Internet Usage Of VoWiFi Calls

With the WiFi being used to make VoWiFi calls, a crystal clear and best quality call may take up to 1 MB of data per minute of your WiFi connection. No data will be deducted from your mobile network. Deduction will take place from broadband or hotspot, whichever WiFi you are using.

It should also be noted that VoLTE was introduced to enhance the quality and voice of the calls being made. VoWiFi is introduced to further improve the quality of VoLTE calls. So we can say that VoWiFi is a step ahead from VoLTE.

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