What Happened To WeTransfer File Sharing Network? Is It Blocked In India?

What Happened To WeTransfer?

Popular transfer and file sharing platform WeTransfer is banned in India. Department of Telecommunications (DoT) cited national interest and public interest as the main reason for a ban on the WeTransfer website. Although the main reason has not been specified by DoT in a circular issued on 18th May.

The WeTransfer website showing that it is inaccessible.

This decision comes at the time when almost every employee in the service sector in India is working from home for the past 2 months due to a nationwide lockdown to stop the spread of COVID-19.

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Why WeTransfer Got Banned?

With a ban on WeTransfer, the Department of Telecommunication invoked a clause from one of the conditions laid out for granting a license to the Internet Service Providers (ISPs). According to the clause laid out by DoT, the ISPs can block the websites of they are in “public interest and interest of national security.”

For further clarifications, the DoT did not comment the reason for the ban on website.

WeTransfer released a statement saying,

“At this moment in time, WeTransfer seems to be blocked and unavailable in India.” It further added,

“We are working hard to understand the reasoning behind this block, as well as how to get it reverted as soon as possible.”

About WeTransfer

WeTransfer is a popular file sharing platform especially for sending big files and videos. The registration for the app is free and User Interface is simple. People from non-tech backgrounds can easily access the website.

Transfer for upto 2GB is allowed in free plan. When popular email platforms restrict transfer upto 1GB, WeTransfer allows a user to share the files upto 2GB. A paid version is also available in which files upto 20 GB can be shared. WeTransfer competes with popular file storage platforms such as Google Drive, Smash and Dropbox.

WeTransfer is a Dutch based company that was founded in the year 2009.

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