What is Booking Time for BevQ App?

BevQ app booking time is limited. BevQ app finally released on 28th May after a long wait. Malayalis across the internet are thanking Sundar Pichai and Google for approving the app on Play Store. BevQ app reached 100,000 downloads on the first day of its release.

It is also for the first time that the State Government is selling liquor since the imposition of countrywide lockdown. The main reason for the launch of the app is to avoid overcrowding of places.

BevQ Booking Time

There are 16 hours of allowance time for booking on BevQ app. The booking time for BevQ is between 6.00 am and 10.00 pm. Kerala Government has allowed 301 outlets under Kerala State Beverages Corporation (BEVCO), 576 bars, and 291 beer and wine parlors.

BevQ app user interface.

Liquor Shop Open Time

The liquor shops are allowed to open only between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm. Kerala excise minister TP Ramakrishnan released a statement saying,

“The app will be available on Play Store from Wednesday, 5 pm onwards. 301 (state-run) liquor outlets, 576 bar hotels, and 291 beer and wine parlors will serve alcohol through this system from tomorrow onwards. A 50 paise charge will be collected from customers by the government for back-end expenses to generate tokens. Only five people will be allowed to be in the queue at a time in front of the outlets.

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Points to be noted while booking on BevQ App

  • Buyers will receive a token from the app, through which they can purchase at any bar or outlet
  • One person can buy wine once every four days
  • People without BevQ app can book the slots by sending a text SMS to 8943389433
  • A 50 paisa charge will be levied to buyers generating tokens to cover the backend expenses

This comes days after central government eased the restrictions and allowed liquor shops to open to generate some revenue for both centre and state. Online delivery aggregators such as Zomato and Swiggy have also jumped in home delivery of liquor at certain regions. In Delhi, liquor shops are allowed to open on odd-even basis.

BevQ App Availability And Alternative For iOS/iPhone Users

BevQ app is available only on Play Store as of now. The app is not released on the iPhone. iOS version may take some time. Still, people can book slots by sending an SMS text to 8943389433 between 6.00 am and 10.00 pm.

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