What is JioMart WhatsApp? How to order on JioMart via WhatsApp?

  • Recently Facebook announced its investment in Jio worth Rs 43,574 crores
  • Facebook and Jio are going to use the technology of WhatsApp to tie up with local Kirana owners, making their shops go virtual and let the customers browse through items
  • WhatsApp has 400+ million active users which can boost the local Kirana owners to compete with D-mart, Star Bazaar Amazon Pantry, etc.

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Where JioMart WhatsApp Is Launched?

Facebook recently tied up with Jio to use the existing technology of WhatsApp to let the customers order through WhatsApp. JioMart has started the operations only at select locations of Mumbai Suburban areas of Navi Mumbai, Thane, and Kalyan.

How Will JioMart WhatsApp Work?

Jio will use the existing user base of 400+ million WhatsApp accounts to bring local Kirana owners and customers together on one platform. Customers can order from the local Kirana owners virtually having access to a whole lot of items with some price savings in the form of discounts, Cashback, etc.

Why JioMart?

Before JioMart we had individual Kirana shop owners competing with big market players such as D-mart, Grofers, Amazon pantry, etc. Now with the introduction of JioMart the entire group of Kirana owners can now compete with the big market players.

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How To Order on JioMart WhatsApp?

As said earlier, JioMart for WhatsApp is only available in areas of Navi Mumbai, Thane, and Kalyan. So pin codes in these 3 areas will only work as of now (areas will be added in future).

1st Step:

Save the following number of JioMart WhatsApp: 88500 08000. Send a message as “Hi”. You will receive an automated reply to which you have to reply with the pin code of your area. Once the pin code is sent you will receive a link for purchase of goods that will be valid only for 30 mins.

We sent a different pin code to check. Here’s the automated reply.

2nd Step:

After opening the link you will have to fill up the details of your address.

After agreeing to receive the updates on WhatsApp you will receive the list of items you wish to order from the options given.

List of items.
List of items

3rd Step:

The third and final step is to confirm your selected items. The ordered items will be sent to the nearest Kirana shop of the address you entered. They will then send the goods to you within 2 days.

Confirm order.

Payment Options In JioMart WhatsApp

We can also see that the accepted mode is only cash on delivery right now. In the near future, we can expect JioMart to add new payment gateways such as UPI, JioMoney, Credit/Debit cards, etc. Once the service is rolled out we can also see the introduction of WhatsApp payments.

As JioMart is currently in the trial phase we can expect it to diversify pan India in the coming days.

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