What Is Seva Sindhu Portal? How To Use Seva Sindhu?

Seva Sindhu is an online initiative started by the Government of Karnataka for the people coming in and going out of Karnataka. It basically provides E-pass for the passengers coming in and out of the state of Karnataka. Without E-pass, it is not possible for the people to move in and out of Karnataka.

It has basically removed the human interaction involved while taking permission for traveling from the concerned authorities and instead done all the services digitally.

Seva Sindhu Interface

For What Purposes E-pass Is Issued?

E-pass is issued for traveling from:

  • Karnataka to other states
  • Foreign countries to Karnataka
  • Other states to Karnataka by road
  • Other states to Karnataka by Rail/Air

E-pass is mandatory for people while traveling. Along with E-pass government guidelines is also mandatory to be followed regarding quarantine.

Seva Sindhu For Auto-rickshaw and Taxi Drivers

Seva Sindhu also provides temporary relief to the drivers who are affected by COVID -19 by distributing them a sum of Rs. 5000 after filling in necessary information at sevasindhu.karnataka.gov.in/Sevasindhu

It should also be noted that the relief to Auto and Taxi drivers is only for those who operate in the state of Karnataka. If a person from Karnataka state operates an auto/taxi in other states, the person won’t be eligible to avail of the benefit from the said scheme.

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How To Use Seva Sindhu

At present there is no app of Seva Sindhu. One has to go to the following link – sevasindhu.karnataka.gov.in/Sevasindhu to register for E-pass

Travel To The Other Indian States From Karnataka

Filling up the necessary details shall grant permission and E-pass will be issued to stranded tourists, migrants, students, etc to travel by road provided he gives the true information. While filling up the details in the later part, one will encounter when he has to select the option from traveling with his own/hired vehicle or government’s travel assistance.

Foreign Countries To Karnataka

A person traveling from other countries to the state of Karnataka will have to get E-pass from this category after filling up the necessary details.

Traveling To Karnataka Using Road Transport

One shall avail E-pass from this category if his/her travel plans into the state are using road transport. In this category, there will be the same option as asked going out of state. Coming via private vehicle or using state arrangement. One should put all the details correctly.

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Traveling To Karnataka Using Rail/Air

In this option of availing E-pass the migrants, students, etc shall have to enter the date along with PNR number if traveling via train or flight details if traveling by flight. One has to enter family details as well if traveling with family.

Seva Sindhu E-pass Error?

According to the article published in The Hindu, E-pass given to the people traveling from states Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu were temporarily stalled since May 18. The details were checked and we also encountered a similar type of error when we tried to register from Maharashtra availing E-pass for Karnataka.

Message showing error for E-pass

Seva Sindhu can be a major boost in traveling especially for stranded laborers where there is zero paperwork and thus removing human interaction.

After going into the details and filling up the form, users are also requested to go through the quarantine policy which can further avert the spread of the virus. Details for quarantine are given to the citizens depending upon the state they have arrived from. For eg. migrants, students, etc coming from the state of Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu are advised to stay in quarantine for 14 days.

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