Whatsapp Disappearing messages launched – What it is and how to activate?

Tired of clearing up your old chats in Whatsapp? If yes, Whatsapp has come up with a new feature for you. Please read on to know what is Whatsapp Disappearing messages feature and how to enable this feature for individual as well as group chats?

What is Disappearing messages feature?

You can send/ receive messages that will disappear after seven days from the date when chat was sent/ received by enabling this new feature. Once enabled, only the chats sent or received after this setting is enabled would be disappeared, which means old messages would still remain in that chat.

When will this feature be available for use?

WhatsApp Disappearing Messages feature has been launched officially and users can use it starting this month i.e. November will be available to all users during this month on all WhatsApp-supported devices like Android, iOS, and KaiOS devices and even on whatsapp web.

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General Questions about this feature-

What if I forward a disappearing messages?

If a disappearing message is forwarded to someone who has disappearing message disabled, then message won’t get disappeared in the forwarded chat.

What if I reply/ quote disappearing message?

If you reply or quote to a disappearing message, although the initial message would disappear but the replied text will still remain after 7 days.

What if I don’t check whatsapp for several days?

If you don’t open whatsapp for more than 7 days – your chats would disappear however, the preview generated for whatsapp messages in notification will still remain as-is until you open whatsapp.

Will these disappearing messages be backed up?

If you create a back-up before a message disappears, then yes, they will be included in your back up. However, disappearing messages will be deleted when you restore from a back-up.

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Will photos/ media in chat also get disappeared?

By default, whatsapp downloads media to your phone if auto-download settings is ON. In this case, media will be saved to your phone even if it disappears on chats. However, if auto-download is tuned OFF, you will not be able to see the media in chat unless you manually download them.

Who can enable Disappearing messages feature?

  • Individual chat – You can yourself turn on or turn off this feature for each individual chat. The setting cannot be applied for all individual chats, it has to be done one by one
  • Group chats- Only the admin/s of the group can turn this feature on/ off. The setting cannot be applied for all groups, it has to be done group by group

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How to turn disappearing messages feature ON or OFF?

Individual chats-

  1. Open Whatsapp chat
  2. Tap on contact’s name for whom you want to use this feature
  3. Tap on ‘Disappearing messages’ (If prompted, click on continue)
  4. Select ON

For disabling this feature, follow the steps 1-3 and change from ON to OFF at step 4

Group chats-

  1. Open Whatsapp chat
  2. Tap on group’s name for whom you want to use this feature
  3. Tap on ‘Disappearing messages’ (If prompted, click on continue)
  4. Select ON

For disabling this feature, follow the steps 1-3 and change from ON to OFF at step 4. Only Admin of the group can turn on/ off this feature for group chats.

So start using this new feature now and clear up old messages that are not required.

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