Whatsapp not showing Payment Option? Trick to enable it

Excited to use the new feature of Whatsapp Pay introduced by Whatsapp? Damn yes, you are. And why would you not be? It is as simple as sending a message. WhatsApp Pay service has been rolled out in India on 6th Nov after NPCI nod on 5th Nov. However, Whatsapp Payment is not showing up for all users. Read on to know why and can you fix it?

To confirm whether you are able to view the Whatsapp Payment options check below steps-

Android Devices

Step 1: Install latest version of Whatsapp and Open Whatsapp

Step 2: Click on 3 dots/ quick Menu

Step 3: See if you are able to find ‘Payments’ option after Starred messages in the menu

iOS Devices

Step 1: Install latest version of Whatsapp and Open Whatsapp

Step 2: Click on Settings

Step 3: Check if Payments option is showing

If you are not able to see Payments option, even after installing latest version, you are not the only one. Many users are facing this issue.

Whatsapp had confirmed they would be rolling out this feature in a graded manner, which means that not all 400 million users of Whatsapp will have this feature available for use. They also did confirm that they will be rolling out this feature for 20 million users at a time with a promise to roll this out very soon to all the users.

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How to make payments in Whatsapp Pay? Simple steps

Step 1: Open Whatsapp and click on 3 dots or Settings menu

Step 2: Select ‘Add payment method’ and Accept T&C

Step 3: Select your bank from List of banks available

Step 4: Verify your phone number by clicking on Verify vis SMS option (Please note, Whatsapp number should be the same which is linked to Bank)

Step 5: On successful verification, your UPI is set and ready to use

Step 6: Initiate payment by selecting a contact to which you want to transfer funds

Step 7: Choose ‘Payments’ options from attachment menu and initiate the transfer and done.

Is there any trick to enable Whatsapp Payment if not showing?

While testing its beta version, back around 2018 -it was said that one of the way to get the feature show up on your account is by receiving funds from someone who have this feature enabled on their device. However, we are not sure if this trick still holds good.

So, only option users have is to wait until your account have this feature enabled and to wait for any further update from Whatsapp.

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