Where are Telegram Videos saved? Where are Telegram videos in Gallery?

Place of storage for Telegram Videos

To look where the Telegram videos are saved, follow the below mentioned path:

File explorer > Telegram > Telegram Video

File Explorer is an in-build app that comes in every smartphone. If you are using an old version of Telegram or old version of Android, your videos might get saved in “Telegram Documents”. It should also be seen that the videos that are saved are usually named in long numerical. People are advised to change the same to the original filename for a proper bifurcation.

After knowing the path where Telegram videos are stored, let’s have a look when and how they would appear in Gallery.

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Telegram Videos in Gallery

Telegram Videos don’t appear in the mobile Gallery directly. Once you have opened the Telegram video in the File Explorer app, only then the videos appear in the mobile Gallery. Even if it doesn’t open, you have to wait for 5-7 minutes until it appears.

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About Telegram

Telegram is of the high rated and highly used instant messaging app. The closest competitor that comes to WhatsApp is Telegram. Telegram even comes up with a calling feature that is regarded far better than any other apps out there.

Users can also stream movies using the Telegram app. Telegram is home to a number of movies and web series. Many users come up with questions like when videos are downloaded in Telegram, where they get stored? How and when they appear in the mobile Gallery? We have listed all the possible answers in this article.

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