Where To Register For JioMart Affiliate Program

JioMart affiliate is an upcoming marketing program. Affiliate marketing is used mainly for providing offers, coupons, and cashback. Considering the vast amount of consumer network at Jio and looking at the number of orders, JioMart is all set to become India’s no. 1 online grocery provider.

How Affiliate Marketing Works?

Affiliate marketing is a great way of earning more money when you have already established a database of consumers. Money earned via affiliate marketing becomes easy when you have a lot of consumers/viewers coming to your ready platform. The platform can be Instagram, Facebook, YouTube channel, or even via websites.

Affiliate marketing is a process whereby you give a customized link on your platform. The customized link of products is based on the nature of your YouTube channel, Instagram account, what kind of website you have, etc. If you have a YouTube channel on daily vlogs, then preferably you will give a link to those websites which sell professional camera, gear, tripods, camera accessories. If you are a fashion blogger then you will give customized links to fashion products.

When viewers or followers go to a custom link given by you and make a purchase, you get a certain percentage or a fixed amount called commission. The custom links usually redirect to Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong, etc. Some may even include Swiggy, Grofers and JioMart is the upcoming program.

Affiliate marketing is usually created to increase the sales, create brand awareness and it comes as a reward to the person through which your product is sold.

How JioMart Affiliate Marketing Will Work?

So what will happen is any vlogger, blogger or a content creator will give a customized link of JioMart through which their followers would be redirected to the JioMart site. They will have an option to purchase from that link if they like. The affiliate link will give them offers and benefits on the form of discounts, coupons, and cashback.

This is a simple explanation on how JioMart affiliate marketing program will work:

  • Customers searching products will come to our website
  • Your website where you will list JioMart offers and discounts along with a unique customized link
  • Customer will go and purchase from that link
  • You will get a commission
This is how JioMart’s affiliate marketing program would look like.

The process goes on and on. This is also the best way to sit and earn once you create a trusted platform for visitors on your website. Once the JioMart affiliate link is rolled out, and looking at the customer databaseJioMart, it will definitely be beneficial for consumers.

JioMart Affiliate Marketing Link

As of now, there is no affiliate marketing program from JioMart. These big companies usually take some time in these process. Since it has only been a month for the start of JioMart online grocery, Reliance Jio will roll out affiliate programs as soon as they can.

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