Why VIKI App is Not Working? Is Rakuten Viki App Down Right Now?

Viki is an American video streaming service and an OTT platform. VIKI predominantly caters to the Asian content for its US-based and worldwide audiences. Many users cited that VIKI website and it’s Android and iOS app is not functioning. Here’s what the company had to say on this matter.

Why VIKI app is not working?

According to the statement made by VIKI to the public, they had some issues on the website and app due to which users were not able to use the normal functions. VIKI said on Twitter that the users might face some issues in the app but the website on the computer will run smoothly. VIKI said,

“We’re almost there! Most issues have been restored now but if you’re seeing an error that says ‘Please update your app’, please try again after 24-48 hours as our team is still working on fixing this. Alternatively, you could try watching via a computer web browser. Thank you!”

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VIKI app not working: What to do?

If you are seeing an error that says “please update your app”, despite your app being updated, you will have to wait for at most 48 hours until the app starts. The team of VIKI is trying to fix this error so that the users start using the VIKI app and stream Korean and Chinese dramas smoothly on their smartphones. The issue had started yesterday when they were facing with loading issues. As said, this issue has been fixed for web-browser in PC/Laptop. If the problem for the VIKI app still remains, wait for another 24-48 hours.

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